De Hoop Farms

JA Clift owns two of Paarl’s oldest farms: De Hoop and the adjacent Schoongezicht.

The farms produce tablegrapes for the export market, table olives and Shiraz wine. We have produced export tablegrapes for more than six decades and played a leading role in the development of Paarl’s tablegrape industry. Today our tablegrapes are exported to Europe and the Far and Middle East and have become a sought after brand among specialist importers and supermarkets.

Mason’s wines

Mason’s wines are produced on the De Hoop farm from Shiraz grapes harvested from small terraced vineyards on upper slopes of Paarl Mountain. Paarl’s warm climate and cool afternoon temperatures are ideally suited for Mason’s award winning wines. Wines are blended and crafted from four shiraz clones, each selected to express the best the farm’s soil and terroir have to offer … [ + ]

De Hoop’s olive oil

Olives have been grown on De Hoop farm for more than a century. The farm’s iconic avenue of olive trees dates back to the earliest plantings on the farm. At the turn of the previous century De Hoop’s olive oil was voted the “best olive oil in the empire” at a London show. Today De Hoop’s olive oil is produced from a selected blend of Leccino, Frantoio and Mission olives … [ + ]